Discipleship Training

Co-Ed Classes

Adult Prayer and Bible Study – Hope in Time of Trial: A Study in 1st Peter
» Wed 6:30pm • Sanctuary • Greg Mason • No Cost

Join us as we journey through 1st Peter and learn to cling to the right Hope in troubled times.

“The Next Chapter” ages 22 and up – “Detours: The Unpredictable Path to Your Destiny”
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 200 • Dwayne & Andrea Smoak I Mark & Heather Baggett • No Cost

God has a plan for your life. More often than not, it’s a detour – one that can leave you feeling temporarily stalled and slowed down. Which nobody likes. But detours are necessary if any improvements are going to be made on the paths we travel. Or if any wreck is going to be cleaned up or a hazard avoided. Detours are designed for our own good, regardless of how we view or feel about them. Detours are a good thing that often feels bad. Tony knows a thing or two about detours, and one of the things he knows for certain is that God works through detours to bring about his blessing. To deliver you to the place he has created just for you. Yet what we often do is try as hard as we can to work our own way to the circumstances we believe are best for us. Using examples from the life of Joseph, Tony will leave listeners with answers to the following questions:

  • How do you find the destiny God has designed for your life?
  • How can you make the most of the detours God has planned for you?
  • Is there a way to shorten a detour and speed up your progression in life?
  • What is the purpose of a detour?

Young Married Class – Topical Study
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 109-110 • Dr. Jim Ford • No Cost

This is a weekly topical study geared for the young married couple. It is designed to address various issues that are important to today’s generation of young families and gives Biblical solutions to those issues. This is a highly interactive class that points out practical answers to the challenges you face today and offers real hope for your future, right from the most authoritative book ever written on practical living: The Bible.

New Members Class
Starts TBD
» Wed 6:30pm • Pastor Bill Hilley • No Cost

Our New Member’s Class is designed for 3 types of people: those who are considering membership, those who have recently become members, or those who have been members and never had the opportunity to attend the class. If you fit any of these categories, you fit in our class! This 6-week series is an opportunity for you to discover who we are and what we do here at Grace Baptist Church as well as looking deeper into who you are in Christ, your gifts, your unique design, and distinguishing how God is calling you to use your gifts and talents in the world.


Ladies Classes

“Kingdom Woman” by Tony Evans
Starts Sept 5
» Thurs 10am • Rm. 111 • Donna Farkas • free

A kingdom woman gives the devil as much reason to fear as a kingdom man. She lives confidently in the knowledge that Christ died and rose for her so that she can experience the significance of the destiny to which she has been called.
In Kingdom Woman, Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and to have hope. The authors bring insight that encourages women to correct distorted perceptions and understand who they really are in Christ―never settling for less when connected with the One who gives them hope. All believers are covered by God’s covenant with Abraham. Evans and Hurst want women to know these rights and confidently claim and live by them. The new covenant offers more than a life of mediocrity. A kingdom woman is called and empowered to live a life of victory through Christ!

“Malachi: A Love That Never Lets Go” by Lisa Harper
Starts July 10
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 113 • Michelle Hazlett • free

An 8 session women’s Bible study on the book of Malachi. In this study, Lisa focuses on God’s mercy. On our worst day, God doesn’t walk away from us. And His love for us is not determined by our performance. No matter how many times we mess up, God loves (and never leaves) broken people. “I the LORD do not change” Malachi 3:6 Women taking this Bible study will gain a fresh perspective on the Book of Malachi. It is more than a book in the Bible about tithing. Lisa brings the Scripture to life through dynamic storytelling.

» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 203 • Teresa Parton • No Cost

Dig into God’s word with great friends and deep study.


Men’s Class

Saturday Morning Study
“The Mind of Christ – Renewing and Transforming Your Mind to Reflect the Character of Jesus”
Resumes Aug 3rd
» Sat 6:30-8am • Rm. 111 • Greg Mason • free

FIGHT by Kenny Luck
Starts Sept 12
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 201 • Mickey Reville • No Cost