Discipleship Training

Co-Ed Classes

Adult Prayer and Bible Study – Grace 
» Wed 6:30pm • Sanctuary • Bryan Carter • No Cost

Join us as we look at the grace of God each week.  What is Grace?  Its definition, effects, etc.

“The Next Chapter” ages 22 and up – “Pray Like This” by Steve Gaines
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 200 • Dwayne & Andrea Smoak I Mark & Heather Baggett • No Cost

Prayer is the most dynamic discipline in the life of a believer. Yet it may be the most misunderstood and the least taught. This six-session study shows believers that following Jesus’ Model Prayer will lead them to fall more in love with God and grow in their desire to engage in conversation with Him. Impactful, inspiring video sessions introduced by Pastor Steve Gaines include interview segments with proven leaders: J. D. Greear, Robby Gallaty, Ronnie Floyd, Kelly Minter, Ken Hemphill, Lisa Harper, Ed Litton, H. B. Charles, Michael Kelley, and more.

In this study you’ll see the significance of starting your prayers by acknowledging God as Father. You’ll learn what it means for His name to be recognized as holy. You’ll discover what you’re asking God to do when you pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. You’ll see what Jesus meant when He told us to ask God for daily bread. You’ll understand the importance of asking for forgiveness in your prayers. The study ends by emphasizing the need to ask God to deliver us from the evil one.

Young Married Class – Topical Study
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 109-110 • Dr. Jim Ford • No Cost

This is a weekly topical study geared for the young married couple. It is designed to address various issues that are important to today’s generation of young families and gives Biblical solutions to those issues. This is a highly interactive class that points out practical answers to the challenges you face today and offers real hope for your future, right from the most authoritative book ever written on practical living: The Bible.

New Members Class
Starts Oct 9
» Wed 6:30pm • Pastor Bill Hilley • No Cost

Our New Member’s Class is designed for 3 types of people: those who are considering membership, those who have recently become members, or those who have been members and never had the opportunity to attend the class. If you fit any of these categories, you fit in our class! This 6-week series is an opportunity for you to discover who we are and what we do here at Grace Baptist Church as well as looking deeper into who you are in Christ, your gifts, your unique design, and distinguishing how God is calling you to use your gifts and talents in the world.


Ladies Classes

“God of the Covenant: A Study of Genesis 12-50” by Lisa Harper
Starts July 10
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 113 • Michelle Hazlett • free

Beginning with Genesis 12, walk alongside the fathers of our faith–Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph–to discern Jesus in the stories of His people.

Over 10 sessions, discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory and the good of His people, and see how the God of creation and covenant is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 203 • Teresa Parton • No Cost

Dig into God’s word with great friends and deep study.


Men’s Class

Saturday Morning Study
“The Mind of Christ – Renewing and Transforming Your Mind to Reflect the Character of Jesus”
Resumes Aug 3rd
» Sat 6:30-8am • Rm. 111 • Greg Mason • free

FIGHT by Kenny Luck
Starts Sept 12
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 201 • Mickey Reville • No Cost