We believe the church body or an individual believer will never meet the potential God intends for them in the absence of some type of systematic Bible training. The purpose of our Discipleship Ministry is very simple: to deliver a Bible based, Christ centered program that fosters spiritual growth. If we are to have eternal impact on our community, we must first have an impact upon every member of our fellowship. We must be determined to know what we believe, why we believe it, and then be able to explain it with scripture.

Since we are all at different stages in the Christian faith, we try to provide a variety of studies in a structure that helps address the needs and interests of as many as possible. To facilitate this, Grace offers multiple classes offered throughout the year on a variety of subjects. Our Adult Sunday School/Bible Fellowship classes are structured in what is commonly called “Life Stages” though you are free to explore each class to find which one best ministers to your needs.

Worship Services are held in the Sanctuary at both 9AM and 10:30AM. Preschool and Graded children attend Sunday school at 9AM, then enjoy their own Worship Service during the 10:30AM hour. Middle School students attend Sunday school at 9AM, then attend worship in the Sanctuary with the adults at 10:30AM. High School and College students attend worship at the 9AM hour and follow up with Bible study/Sunday school at 10:30AM.

Grace offers an Evening worship service at 6PM on Sunday nights. Nursery is available for birth to 3 years old. Children ages 4 and up attend service in the Sanctuary with their parents. Little Lights Choir, K4-K5, and Children’s Illuminate Choir, 1st-5th Grade, meet during the school year on Sunday evenings at 6pm.

Come and unite with us as we unlock the truths of God’s Word!

Session I – 9:00 AM

Adult I A | Led by Anthony Carlie |30’s and 40’s | Room 109/110
Adult I B | Led by Nate Rish | 30’s and 40’s | Room 112
Adult II B | Led by Bryant Treacle | 20’s, 30’s and 40’s | Room 115
Adult IV A | Led by Kyle Howell | 50 and above | Room 113
Adult IV B | Led by Mark Hall | 50’s and 60’s | Room 200
Adult IV C | Led by Joel Woodcock | 50’s and 60’s | Room 114
Adult V | Led by Rick Clifford | 60’s and above | Room 111


Session II – 10:30 AM 

Adult II B | Led by Troy McGahee | 40’s and 50’s | Room 115
Adult II C | Led by Eric Lairsey | 20’s and 30’s | Room 109/110
Adult III A | Led by Dewey Jones | 40’s and above | Room 113
Adult III B | Led by Rick Stringfield | 40’s and above | Room 114
Ladies | Led by Julie Purvis | Ladies of all ages | Room 111
Young Adult | Led by Zac Bartlett | 20’s and 30’s | Room 200

If you would like more information about any of our Adult Discipleship Classes, please contact Eric Lairsey Associate Pastor