Foreign Missions

Fortress International, Beijing, China
This ministry develops courses on relationship and family values that are then used to train pastors, volunteers, and missionaries to disseminate the training in China and surrounding countries. This ministry has touched well over 100,000 individuals and families with this small group studies.

Misioneros de la Frontera, Honduras
This ministry is multifaceted in that they teach Biblically based Family Life seminars in churches throughout Honduras. They also provide medical clinics, food distribution, clothing and shoe distribution, witnessing, and direct access for evangelism in the local education system. They also run the Samaritan Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center and Grace House, a halfway house for those that successfully complete the six month program.

Maxwell Ministries, Niger Africa
This ministry work in the area of church planting, evangelism, teaching in orphanages, and training evangelical church leaders in Niger West Africa. They also partner with local churches and mission organizations to counsel and prepare them for further ministry

Children of Promise, Lagossette Haiti
This ministry exists to meet the physical, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs of sick and malnourished infants and children of northern Haiti. This is an orphanage that purposes to reunite these children with their families as quickly as possible or to place them in adoptive homes. While these children are convalescing this ministry teaches them English, basic life skills, and evangelizes by the sharing of the Gospel.