Our History

Grace Baptist Church was conceived in the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world, but was birthed in the mind of our Pastor in the fall of 1990. Responding to God’s Call in his life, Bill Hilley surrendered his life to vocational Ministry on August 5, 1990. Realizing, though not understanding, God’s Call to organize a new Church in the area, 5 founding families met at the Hilley’s home in late November, 1990. In a bold step of faith in Jesus, these 12 men and women committed themselves to the founding of Grace. We first met for Worship on Wednesday Night, December 12, 1990 with 42 people present including 26 children. God graciously opened the door to a vacant Church facility on Old Evans Road. We rented the facility for almost two years. God’s Presence has been a marvelous blessing at every Worship Service since that very first one! He has blessed beyond anything we could possibly imagine spiritually, numerically, and financially. We invite you to be part of this Church as God leads. He has a specific place of service for each of His Children. Our ultimate fulfillment as Christians requires knowing and doing that will. Our prayer is that you will find your place of service, whether here at Grace Baptist Church or elsewhere, and be faithful to it. Nothing more is ever required of “a child of God,” but nothing less will ever do. May God Richly Bless You!

Mission Statement

Changing Our World By Loving God And Loving Each Other.