From Your Pastor

March 22, 2020


Dear Grace Family and Friends,

Well it’s a Sunday of firsts. In our 29 years of history, this is the first Sunday we aren’t having a Worship Service on our Campus, with the exception of a couple of “snow days.” I don’t know about you but I hate it already. It thrills me that I love gathering with my Church Family for worship every week. I know Pastors who dread the weekend. I’m not throwing stones. Some are leading dysfunctional Churches that refuse to be used of God. That would be a miserable place to be. Praise God, that doesn’t describe Grace Baptist in Evans. We’re continuing to grow and prosper because of the sweet spirit of fellowship we share. I hope you realize that isn’t because I’m your Pastor. It’s the glorious result of the presence of a gracious and loving Savior. Why He has chosen to glorify Himself here is beyond me. But I am forever grateful that He has. His Presence is the distinctive difference we all know and love. May that always be the case. It will if we remain obedient to His plan and purpose for our lives and for this Fellowship. This week that plan is that we gather “electronically” for our first live-stream production. I’m excited about the prospect. It may well open up an entirely new outreach to the Community. But we’ll take that one day at a time. In the meantime, please do take this Corona virus seriously. Many have already died and more will. It’s nothing to be toyed with. Yet if we are wise, I believe it will be a thing of the past very soon. That’s my hope and prayer. I hope you’ll join me in that effort. I look forward to our “time together.” Until we’re together in person, please don’t hesitate to call the Church office if you need anything. We want to make the most of the “opportunity” God is giving us. I love you all deeply and am honored to be your Pastor. God bless you!

Pastor Bill