From Your Pastor

April 14, 2019


Dear Grace Family and Friends,

Happy “Master’s Sunday!” I trust you were either able to get to, or avoid, the golf course this week, depending on your perspective. Leila and I went out to the Ladies Tournament on Saturday and, as is always the case, were amazed by the beauty of God’s creation. The people at the Augusta National Golf Club will tell you, “This is what you can do with a piece of real estate if you don’t care how much it costs.” They do an incredible job. Yet as I gaze upon those majestic grounds I am reminded that “money didn’t create that.” Money molded and shaped and refined it but my God created it. Everything we know and love in this life was created by Almighty God. That’s one of many reasons He is worthy of our praise and adoration and worship. You may think I’m guilty of a grammatical error in my opening sentence. Not so. I fully understand that “The Masters Tournament” doesn’t need an apostrophe. But my reference isn’t to a golf tournament. To the contrary, this, and every other Sunday, is “The Master’s Sunday.” The Master of the Universe created this day and set it aside for His people to gather for worship. Thank you for making that a priority. When that’s our intent, we can bless the heart of God significantly. That’s not implying a legalistic approach to the observance of “a Sabbath.” Jesus fulfilled The Law so we approach our Savior thru grace. That affords us great liberty in terms of our own personal worship. Yet, whenever possible, God’s people should gather with fellow believers to celebrate a resurrected Christ. He is, after all, the reason we exist. I look forward to worshipping with you today and believe God has something special in store. May God richly bless you all!

Pastor Bill