From Your Pastor

August 2, 2020

Dear Grace Family and Friends,

I’m especially excited about today. For the first time since March 15th, I can invite you all to join us “in house” for worship this evening at 6:00 PM. The Sunday evening service has been a favorite of mine for many years. It’s much less formal and we aren’t nearly as time constrained. It’s obvious that most don’t share my sentiment for Sunday night Church. Very few Churches across the country even offer such a service. That’s sad to me. It tells me our appetites for the things of God are very small. Whether we like it or not, the law of supply and demand works. Ever wonder why there are so many “fast food restaurants” in our area? The answer is simple; there is huge demand for fast food. It’s the same with gas stations. We have a huge appetite for gasoline to power our cars and trucks so we want lots of options in terms of where to fill up. Profit oriented entrepreneurs step up to the plate and open a store to help satisfy that demand. If they pick a good location and run their store well, they’ll likely make lots of money. Our demand will see to it. On the surface, it appears there is a huge demand for the things of God in our community. There are, after all, over 300 Churches in our area. Yet most are only used a couple of hours per week. And nobody is complaining so that must satisfy the demand. I need more than an hour of corporate worship and fellowship with God’s people per week. I need more in the way of instruction and encouragement than one hour per week will provide. And I don’t think I’m unique. So if you have an appetite for more of God, why not join us tonight, and every Sunday night, to sing God’s praises and rejoice in God’s goodness and grace. He is worthy of that and much, much more. I love you and am honored to be your Pastor. God bless you all! See you tonight!

Pastor Bill