From Your Pastor

June 23, 2019


Dear Grace Family and Friends,

I’m so pleased with the response to VBS this year. We had 409 children and 149 volunteers. That’s incredible! It shows the potential we have to impact this community for Christ. I did some research this week and discovered that 94% of all adult Christians in the United States came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before their 18th birthday. That reveals the importance of ministry to our children and youth. Thank you for recognizing it. Yet we need even greater participation. Once again we have a shortage of nursery workers. God has richly blessed Grace Baptist in Evans with many babies. They represent a bright and blessed future. But that will only come to pass if we make the necessary investment in the present. Please prayerfully consider serving in this most important ministry. I especially want to encourage our dads to participate. Many of our babies respond as well, if not better, to dads than to moms. I am grateful to God for all who serve. I’m also grateful, and very excited, to be able to recommend to you a new High School and College Pastor. I met Cameron Gibbs a couple of months ago through the Chauvin family. Leila and I have spent some time with Cameron and his fiancé, Kaitlyn Kight, as have our Elders and their wives. We’ve searched for the right person for a few years now and believe we’ve found the couple God has for us. Cameron will be preaching tonight so please make plans to be here for that special service. After a week to pray over the decision, we will vote to call them next Sunday. With your blessing, Bryan Carter will become our Missions Pastor and lead us to a greater emphasis on “going and telling.” This move should position us well for the foreseeable future. Thanks for praying with me about it. It’s going to be a great day! God bless you all!

Pastor Bill