From Pastor Bill

December 16, 2018


Dear Grace Family and Friends,

I was greatly blessed by the presentation of the Christmas Story last weekend by our Choir and Drama Cast. It was sensational! I stated to several folks that the “Augusta Choral Society” has never sounded better. That’s not a criticism of the ACS. They do a great job. Our Choir simply outdid themselves. The blending of those 100 voices was incredible. They produced a more powerful sound than I’ve ever heard from a Church Choir. Thank you to all who sang. The drama far exceeded expectations. These folks put together a “professional quality” production. That doesn’t happen without an incredible commitment of time and talent. There is no telling how many hours these folks invested in memorizing lines and preparing for their parts. Thank you to all who participated. In addition, much goes on behind the scenes that you and I have little understanding of. Special thanks to all who made it possible. The message I took from it was that we each need to be a shining star; a brilliant point of light shining brightly the love of Jesus. We’ll all have those opportunities during the Christmas Season. The temptation is to avoid the “difficult people.” Just remember where we’d be if God avoided us. That should compel us to embrace those “hard to love” friends and family members. We have that potential by the enabling power of God living within us. It will change both of our lives. I’ve reached out to one of those in our family already and was pleasantly surprised by the response. Your experience may be different, but it’s worth the risk as we learn to be more like Jesus. He is, after all, the reason we celebrate. God bless you all as you strive to let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. I love you! God bless you!!