From Your Pastor

February 11, 2024

Dear Grace Family and Friends,

What a blessing it was to see 14 people baptized last Sunday!  I’m so grateful that God is still changing lives here at Grace Baptist in Evans!  We dare not take that for granted.  It isn’t happening in the majority of Churches.  70% of Southern Baptist Churches are either plateaued or in decline.  I was intrigued this week as I looked at the most recent statistics I could find.  It turns out that a Church is considered “growing” if it has at least a slight increase in “membership” and at least one baptism during the year.  In reality, a great many Churches have an increase in membership even though their average attendance may drop significantly.  That’s because most of the “contemporary model” Churches don’t notify the other Church when someone “moves their membership.”  So a great many people are on multiple “Church rosters.”  Even so, The Southern Baptist Convention lost nearly one million members last year alone.  I’m convinced it’s the result of compromise on the part of Pastors and Church leaders.  Too many have allowed the devil to convince us people won’t tolerate the full counsel of The Word of God.   That’s a lie.  According to Isaiah 55:11, God’s Word “will not return void but will accomplish the purpose He intends.” What is that purpose?  Changed lives!  It’s people coming to know God.  It’s happening at Grace Baptist in Evans.  Yet that’s only possible thru faith in Jesus Christ.  And we come to know of His Gospel in “His Word.”  We must remain committed to teach and preach and live it at every opportunity. As we do, we ensure God’s continued blessing.  That’s exciting to me.  I trust it is to you as well.  So keep the faith and shine brightly the love of Jesus Christ.  Nothing more is required to change our world for His glory!  I love you all!  God bless you!




Pastor Bill Hilley