New Member’s Class

First Steps

For New Members & Prospective Members of Grace Baptist Church of Evans

The “First Steps” course is a six week course designed to allow new members and prospective members of Grace Baptist Church of Evans to receive important information about “who we are”, “what we believe”, and “how can I find my place of service to our Lord and Savior?”. Our prayer is that this course will not only allow you to personally get to know our Pastor and his wife, but will also serve to answer many questions about the family and fellowship of Grace Baptist Church.

There are six sessions to this class:
1) Our Origins: in this session you will hear the testimony of the Pastor and his wife, and how Grace Baptist Church came to be.
2) Our Opportunity: this session emphasizes the importance of church membership and how to know for sure you are a Christian.
3) Our Obligation: this session emphasizes the importance of baptism and the Lord’s Supper to the life of a believer.
4) Our Orientation: this session explains how our church is organized and the structure for church leadership.
5) Our Obedience: this session explains our mission, which is preaching and teaching “The Word of God.” We will discuss the specific doctrinal beliefs we hold dear, and why.
6) Spiritual Gift Assessment: God wants us to be involved with His work and for that purpose and by the Holy Spirit He freely distributes spiritual gifts to all who are saved. In this session you will be given an opportunity to complete a spiritual gifts inventory assessment to allow you to begin to see how God has specifically equipped you to carry out His work. God not only wants us to know our spiritual gifts, but He also expects us to grow in them each day.

The New Members Class is offered periodically throughout the year.