Ladies Classes

Starts Sept 7
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 111 • Judy Banks • No Cost

The key word in Proverbs is Wisdom, or “The ability to live life skillfully.”  A godly life in an ungodly world, however, is no simple assignment.  Proverbs provides God’s detailed instructions for His people to deal skillfully with the practical affairs of everyday life: How to relate to God, parents, children, neighbors, and even government. Come and study these series of parables, poetry, short stories, and wise maxims to develop the common sense and divine perspective to deal with life’s issues.

The Sermon on the Mount
» Wed 6:30pm • Rm. 202 • Teresa Parton • No Cost

In one powerfully comprehensive yet compact message, the Lord sets forth the foundational truths of the gospel of the kingdom He came to proclaim. Though Jesus repeated many of these truths on other occasions, chapters 5–7 record one continuous message of the Lord, delivered at one specific time. As we will see, these were revolutionary truths to the minds of those Jewish religionists who heard them, and have continued to explode with great impact on the minds of readers for nearly two thousand years.