Parent-Pager Security

Child Security

Safety underlies everything we do with children here at Grace Baptist Church, so we have invested in a state of the art computer check-in system (Parent Pager) that provides protection and silent pagers for parents while they are away from their children. Families will need to check-in their children through a Parent Pager station before taking them to their classrooms.

Our first time guests will need to complete the one time registration at the preschool welcome desk. At this station, your picture will be taken, your finger will be scanned, and your contact information will be entered into the system. Parents completing this one time registration can use the Parent Pager Express Check-in/Check-out for each visit thereafter.

Express Check-in/Check-out

You will find Express Stations at the preschool welcome desk and at the gym for K-Church. These stations are designed to help you quickly and easily check-in/check-out your children. The monitors are “touch screens” so you will not be required to use a keyboard or mouse, simply touch the monitor and follow the prompts. Then attach the sticker to your child and hand the check-in slip to the nursery attendant. When picking up, follow the same steps and give the check-out slip to the attendant.

1. Why do we need security and a new security system?

  • We need a security system for the protection of our children and our church.
  • We also hope to elevate new parents’ sense that our Preschool Ministry is a “safe place” for their children.
  • Enables us to add photo ID tags for children and parents.
  • It allows us to focus more effectively on children and their needs.
  • Each of our classes receive a check-in slip for each child that includes all relevant care and medical information for each child.

Is the use of computers impersonal? No. While at first you may fear that using computers to check in children may be a cold, impersonal process, you will soon experience that Parent Pager truly enables our caregivers and teachers to focus more effectively on your child’s needs.
I have no computer skills. Will I be able to learn how to do this? Yes. Touch screen monitors decrease user anxiety for persons without basic computer skills while at the same time increasing user speed. In addition, a Parent Pager attendant is right there to help you if needed.
What is the main advantage of using Parent Pager? The main advantage is the photo identification system which is central to the security features. Photo ID is used on check-in and check-out slips. All authorized guardians permitted to claim a child will be pictured on the child’s check-out slip. Photos will be required for all children and parents.
How will Parent Pager help with communication with parent? Families with children under three will receive a pager so that we can alert them regarding their child when they are anywhere in the building.
Will I be able to receive a page anywhere in the facility? Yes. The pagers are “premise pagers.” They will receive a page anywhere in the building or up to 1 mile away.
How much longer will this system take for me to check in my child? Once you have your photos taken, a staffed terminal can check in a child within 15 seconds. A self-express terminal can check in a child as quickly as 5 seconds.
Will visitors have to use the Parent Pager system? Yes. If they have a child in K-5 or younger, they will use this security system. It only takes a minute to do a quick registration of the entire family. Once the data entry is complete, the next time they check into the system, it will be as quick as everyone else.
What if I forget to check out my children on Parent Pager? Our volunteer staff will direct you back to the Parent Pager station to check out your child and bring back a check-out sheet to the classroom.
If I have a problem with Parent Pager, who will be available to help me? If you experience difficulties using express check in, a trained registrar will assist you.
What happens if Parent Pager goes down during a service hour? We will revert back to the current manual check-in/check-out system.
What if I already checked in and need to check out when the system goes down? The check-in sheets will be checked for photo verification at time of pick up.
How do I add other authorized individuals to the system? Please go to the Preschool Welcome Desk with that authorized individual. Our trained volunteer staff will be able to take a picture of the authorized individual and add the information to the system regarding the household.
How do I check in a child (friend of son/daughter) who is visiting without a parent? Please go to the Preschool Welcome Desk, where the visiting child will be added to the system with the host parents as guardians.
How can I help the Preschool Ministries staff? Please arrive early, return pagers, volunteer, and be patient and understanding.
Who will receive a pager each week? Parents of children in nursery and early childhood will receive one pager for the whole family. In addition, visitors with older children, those with unique needs, and on-call volunteers can all be assigned a pager.
How do we check in at the classroom? Once you receive your check-in slips each service, parents divide the children and take them to different classrooms to help speed up the process. Older siblings (16 years and older) can also take children to the actual classrooms as long as they are authorized and their photo is on the check-in/out slip.
When will Parent Pagers be used? Currently the Parent Pager security system will be used for all regular church services, including revival. Special services can be added, as needed.

Only those dropping off/picking up children and currently serving will be allowed on the Preschool Hall. Thank you for your understanding.