From Pastor Bill

April 15, 2018

Dear Grace Family and Friends,

Our visit to the Ark Encounter last week was most enjoyable. It truly is something to see. Genesis speaks of a boat 450’ long and 75’ wide but it doesn’t register just how big that is. Seeing it in person provides a far greater appreciation for the magnitude of Noah’s project. It’s huge! How was it possible so many years ago? What stood out to me was how much space there was for the animals. It’s believed there were over 6,000 animals on board with Noah and his family. None of them had any idea as to the significance of God’s provision for their lives. They were minding their business until one day they had this irresistible urge to go into this huge structure. They didn’t know it was the Spirit of God drawing them. Neither did they realize this was their only hope of survival. Every other living creature living on the earth would soon perish in the great flood. But God, in greater mercy and love than we can imagine, made it possible for these simple creatures to be spared. From them, the entire animal kingdom would be repopulated after the flood waters receded. The majority of humanity is just as ignorant of God’s provision as were these animals. Every human is destined for the wrath of God. It’s the penalty for our sin, and everyone is guilty. Romans 3:10 says, “There is none righteous; no, not one.” A way of escape has been provided for us as surely as it was for Noah, his family and representatives of the animal kingdom. Jesus, Himself, became an “ark of safety” for all who will enter. But He is our only hope. Have you come on board? If not, there’s no better time than now. If so, it’s vitally important that we not hoard this information. Rather we must share it with everyone we meet. Only then may God’s plan for His creation be fulfilled. Are we willing? I love you and am honored to be your Pastor. God bless you! Pastor Bill Signature REV